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Krisann in her kitchen or sailing on the NAUTI CLEW…. 

 I am a wife, mother of two teen boys, and full time professional.  One of my greatest enjoyments is derived from sharing my culinary creations with people.  I was taught and inspired to cook and to share  by my mother, a very talented and creative cook and baker.  I have spent the better part of my life creating unique, delicious, and believe it or not healthy foods.  I have spent many years in the food service industry and am convinced that good food is an essential component to a rich life.  Imagine how different singing with friends, travel, family meals, and one of my personal favorites, sailing, would be without the presence of special treats.


Sheryl “from a tiny BEACH kitchen” or the front porch… 

I live in a harbor town.  I summered as a kid in a different harbor town.  And I work in a famous harbor town.   The ocean is never far from me.   Most mornings, a fleet of lobster boats motor thru the jetty’s as our alarm clock.  In our town, we talk about the timing of the tides, the height of the sea, the phases of the moon and the direction of the wind.  Food and drinks…we talk alot about those too.      Friends and family flow thru our home.   There is always someone to share a meal with, or raise a glass to.   Eating fresh seafood is easy to do in our town.  Catching it?  A bit harder.  Luckily, we have a great fish market just a short walk away.  From land or sea, remember to enjoy great food with those you love…..we do.   ~Sheryl 




The crackle of onions and garlic simmering, the taste of sweet roasted peppers, tomatoes from Gram’s garden; these are my childhood memories.  My love for cooking and of food was really not a choice.  It was how I was raised.  Both of my parents are excellent cooks and my aunt, the author of 2 cookbooks, writes a recipe column in the local newspaper.

I am of Italian decent and in my home, the discussion of the next meal was paramount.  We cook simply, naturally and deliciously.   The humorous truth in my family is that we may not remember exactly who came to each party or what they wore, but we certainly remember what we ate!  My wedding has gone down in family history, not for the beauty of the bride but rather for the fabulous 5-couse meal!

My husband, of twenty-one years, formerly a “meat and potatoes guy” has definitely become more of a “foodie”.   He is far more willing to try something new, especially if Rita makes it! Although my sweet daughter is not into food like the rest of us, my son is a joy to feed.  He is always interested to try a “taste of this and a bite of that”.  He savors food and is my best audience for a new recipe.

It is my pleasure to share some of my favorite recipes with you.  Enjoy them with someone you love and make a memory.  Raise a glass, Salud!


Rita (Peaches) in her kitchen or sailing on the WHISPER…

I was born a Greek gal,  the last of twelve children and raised on a farm in Tewksbury, MA for the first 14 years of my life.  Yes, I milked cows and goats for our milk, yogurt, and cheese sources and my Dad sent the hogs and cows to the slaughter-house to supply us with our meat sources. I still remember the cheesecloth sack hanging above the kitchen sink making the thickest yogurt that was better than any cream cheese you could buy.  We had hundreds of chickens to supply us with fresh eggs and fresh chicken on a regular basis.  Those we slaughtered ourselves.  You can only imagine the wonderfulness of everything we ate as we raised it all!

Yia Yia ( my Grandmother) was a great cook and was sure to teach her 4 daughters to be as good in the kitchen as she.  I really believe that I got lucky in the fact that my mother was the best out of all her sisters in the cooking department.  I am even happier that she was able to teach me all of her wonderful tricks.  Of course Greek cuisine is my favorite and I excel at it as a result.  I am always on the move to create Greek dishes in a way that is easier and quicker and sure not lose any of their wonderful flavors.  Just try the Greek White Bean Soup I have submitted and you will truly understand.    My motto about food is “if it is not delicious I am not eating it.”   What a sweet way to go through life wouldn’t you say?

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