Good day everyone:

Just a message to you all to say I am progressing much better and the seriously painful days are behind me now.  I am so happy to be able to sit fairly comfortably at the computer and send an update.  I again thank you all for the cards and messages on the blog that inspire me more than you know.

I will begin my outside physical therapy this week and am looking forward to being able to drive again.  We take so much for granted in our lives, like driving a car, until it is taken away from us and then OMG! you are totally dependent on another person/persons to do things for you that you have always done on your own.  So regaining that ability means the world to me.

To get to the supermarket and pick and choose my own foods is also very special.  I could easily be  personal shopper as I take much pride in what is going into my cart. Examining every piece of fruit and every veggie to be sure they are fresh is important for all of us to consider doing.  Every box of salad greens, every bundle of kale, collards, or an anise bulb is picture perfect or I do not purchase it.

Be choosy…you are worth it.

I want to wish you all a wonderful, happy, healthy holiday season.  Eat only what you love and be sure to not to overdo!  Keep your eye on the prize.  Be well and be safe.  Miss you all.   Rita Pappaconstantinou


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