A personal thank you from Rita:

Hello Everyone,

I must say it seems like a very long time that I have not been able to be at the computer and reach out to you all.  It is the 17th day of my recovery and all seems to be going along on target. Slow and steady wins the race every time as you all know  from being with me in your weight loss journeys.   My recovery is much the same in the fact that I need to have the very same patience I have asked you all to have along the way at one point or another.  It is not easy, but it will be worth it.

My physical therapist works me hard.  She is a great gal with much experience in her field.   Exercise is required to make a total comeback from this kind of surgery.  I have kept up with my exercises even on the days she is not with me.  Sometimes I have to push myself through them and I now understand this is MY PART of the recovery process.  Nobody can do this for me -but me! Much like each of you has to step up and do your part to get healthy and well to reach your weight loss goals.

“Stay the course everyone and work hard and know in the end you will always come up a winner.  Focus, focus, focus on what needs to be done for whatever it is you want.  Remember never take your eye off the prize.  Our overall health and well being are all we need in order to achieve everything we wish for ourselves.”

Thanks for all the cards and well wishes.  They truly mean a great deal to me and keep me going as I look forward to David bringing in the mail each day.  By the way he has been a great nurse during my recovery process.  As you all know,  David has had some practice!

Miss you all.  Be well and be safe.

Rita Pappaconstantinou


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